Water Rights Examination Deadline | §2.7.

2.7. Water Rights/Well Rights. 

[  ] 2.7.1. Deeded Water Rights. The following legally described water rights: 



Any deeded water rights will be conveyed by a good and sufficient _______________ deed at Closing. 

[  ] 2.7.2. Other Rights Relating to Water. The following rights relating to water not included in §§ 2.7.1., 2.7.3. and 2.7.4., will be transferred to Buyer at Closing: 


[  ] 2.7.3. Well Rights. Seller agrees to supply required information to Buyer about the well. Buyer understands that if the well to be transferred is a “Small Capacity Well” or a “Domestic Exempt Water Well” used for ordinary household purposes, Buyer must, prior to or at Closing, complete a Change in Ownership form for the well. If an existing well has not been registered with the Colorado Division of Water Resources in the Department of Natural Resources (Division), Buyer must complete a registration of existing well form for the well and pay the cost of registration. If no person will be providing a closing service in connection with the transaction, Buyer must file the form with the Division within sixty days after Closing. The Well Permit # is ____________. 

[  ] 2.7.4. Water Stock Certificates. The water stock certificates to be transferred at Closing are as follows:


2.7.5. Conveyance. If Buyer is to receive any rights to water pursuant to § 2.7.2. (Other Rights Relating to Water), § 2.7.3. (Well Rights), or § 2.7.4. (Water Stock Certificates), Seller agrees to convey such rights to Buyer by executing the applicable legal instrument at Closing.

2.7.6. Water Rights Review. Buyer [  ] Does [  ] Does Not have a Right to Terminate if examination of the Water Rights is unsatisfactory to Buyer on or before the Water Rights Examination Deadline.

Review your contract for specific terms and conditions. Note that modification or deletions to this section of your agreement may apply, and you should consult with your real estate agent for any questions you have. 

Updated 11/1/2022