Possession Date & Possession Time | §17

17. POSSESSION. Possession of the Property and Inclusions will be delivered to Buyer on Possession Date at Possession Time, subject to the Leases as set forth in § and, if applicable, any Post-Closing Occupancy Agreement.

If Seller, after Closing occurs, fails to deliver possession as specified, Seller will be subject to eviction and will be additionally liable to Buyer, notwithstanding § 20.2. (If Seller is in Default), for payment of $______________ per day (or any part of a day notwithstanding § 3.3., Day) from Possession Date and Possession Time until possession is delivered.


Buyer represents that Buyer will occupy the Property as Buyer’s principal residence unless the following box is checked, then Buyer [  ] Does Not represent that Buyer will occupy the Property as Buyer’s principal residence. 

[  ] If the box is checked, Buyer and Seller agree to execute a Post-Closing Occupancy Agreement.

Review your contract for specific terms and conditions. Note that modification or deletions to this section of your agreement may apply, and you should consult with your real estate agent for any questions you have. 

Updated 1/1/2022